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Egypt National Child Rights Observatory (ENCRO) is a tri-partite initiative aiming to put the bases for a scientific research mechanism

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Q&A;: Family Issues

What are the signs that could indicate my son might have a drug abuse problem?

It is not easy to come up with a comprehensive list of "danger" signs. This is due to the fact that drugs that can be abused have very different effects on the abuser.

  • if you notice a drastic change in your son's sleeping habits
  • if your son is obviously loosing weight
  • if he is frequently agitated

then you MIGHT have a reason to worry and look closer.

Does Islam give women the right to divorce themselves or is this right exclusively men's?

The right of women to divorce themselves is a right that was granted by Islam. It is a condition that can be added into the marriage contract signed by both the husband and wife.
Should a couple choose to do so, it does not deny the man his right to divorce. It only gives the woman the right to divorce herself as well.

What is this law of visitation?

The right of visitation is the right given to the non-custodian parent to see the children on a weekly basis.

This visitation should be no less than three hours a week, anytime between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm, provided it is not during school days so that the youngsters are not held from school.

Visitation is to be done in public places such as parks, youth clubs, or motherhood and childhood care units.

In case the custodian parent denies the visitation right, the non-custodian parent can file a law suit to ask for custody to be given to the following person with the right of custody.

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